Oatmeal for dogs? Facts and Benefits

can dogs eat oatmeal

Oatmeal is a delicious and most popular breakfast food for many. It offers nutritious benefits when added to any diet plan. Oatmeal is a staple choice found in various kinds like milled, rolled, and steel-cut. The question is, is oatmeal good for dogs?

The answer is a huge yes! The benefits of oatmeal for dogs are plenty. It has a plethora of proteins, soluble fibers, nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals present in them. If we serve it in correct proportions, dogs can be benefited to a great extent. Oatmeal is the perfect replacement for dogs with wheat or gluten allergy. One bowl of oatmeal can offer vitamin A, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and copper to your doggies. It can regulate your dog’s bowel movements, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol.

Many diseases related to heart and diabetes can be avoided with the proper consumption of oatmeal. Oats cooked with water alone can serve as a perfect snack for dogs. If you prefer, a meal topper can enrich the nutritional values. If your dog is usually dehydrated, this is an easy way to provide more water.

The surprising part is that oatmeal contains omega-6 fatty acid. This can have a great effect on your dog’s skin and coat. But, as all other human food, it must be served in right proportion to retain its goodness.

How do we feed oatmeal to our dog?

Before you proceed, please consult with your dog’s nutritionist or veterinarian for safer usage of oatmeal. Never choose processed grains for dogs. Make sure to buy whole grain oats to retain the benefits. If it is pre-packed oatmeal, check for the ingredient list. If it contains excess sugar, do not purchase it.

Initially, serve oats in the simplest way possible. They naturally have a bland taste, so do not add any sugary ingredients to them. You can cook them with water for a pet-friendly meal. Please refrain from feeding raw or uncooked oats to your dogs.

Adding milk to the mixture is also not advisable. You can serve the cooked oatmeal for dogs as a meal topping. It is a perfect snack, but never a wholesome meal. Prepare the right proportion of oats and serve it in the moderate temperature. You can add an egg, pumpkin puree, fruits or sunflower seeds to make it healthier.

The major effects of feeding too much oatmeal can be diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating in dogs. Ensure to feed your dogs with the right portions. If your dog shows any adverse reactions, consult with your vet.

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Disclaimer: The above-made statements are suggestions and facts. Do not proceed with feeding any ingredients to your dogs without proper consultation with your veterinarian.