7 Tips to Have the Best Road Trip With Your Dog

traveling with dogs tips

A weekend getaway with your family is the best way to rejuvenate and relax from your busy schedule. Taking your pooches along will make the trip extra exciting for your family and your ‘fur-ends’. A pet-friendly road trip might sound like a handful task, but you can make road trips with dogs easier with a few tips.

Here are 7 important thing you need to take care of while planning road trips with dogs :

Plan a dog-friendly journey:

If your dog is traveling for the first time, get him/her used to the car atmosphere by having a few test drives. Do not choose for long trips in the beginning and avoid mid-day travels to keep your doggy away from dehydration.  Make sure to choose routes that are feasible to take multiple pit stops. Your dog needs to have enough potty breaks and breaks to stretch his/her body. You can also book pet-friendly hotels and restaurants available at your destination.  

Consult with your vet:

Before hitting the roads, get your puppy checked by his veterinarian. Make sure he is physically and mentally fit to travel. If he pertains to any health issues, ask for precautionary tips, and carry necessary medicines with you.

Pack your dog’s necessities:

Just like how you pack your toiletries and essential items, pack a bag exclusively for your dog. Remember to pack your dog’s food, bowl, medical certificates, leash, and collar, treats, chew toys, blankets, pillows, and travel-sickness bags. Most importantly, if you are not opting to microchip your dog, carry a name tag.

Prepare your dog:

Training your dog a few days before the date of departure will make the trip easier for both of you. Teach him to take his potty at your command to avoid delays during the trip. He could feel uncomfortable to poop unfamiliar places so try to inculcate commands that he would listen to later. You can also treat them when they listen to your commands.

Plan his meal times:

Do not feed your dog a meal right before the trip. It will make him feel nauseous. You will have to take regular loo breaks. Make sure he is fed at least four hours before the trip. Take him on a long walk or to play. Or you can make him take a long duration of exercises which could get him tired. This way, he will dose off once you start your road trip. A good sleep session is beneficial not just to him but for you too.

Make the trip a fun time for your dog too:

Keep your puppy entertained throughout the trip. Play soothing music, give him a chew toy, or interact with him once in a while. Make sure your doggy is busy else he could build up stress. You can keep your windows half-open and maintain the travel speed to avoid motion sickness. Also, monitor his water and food intake; take regular pit stops for your dog to warm up. Don’t leave him unattended! Plan a fun road trip with dogs and your family and have a happy journey.