Dos and don’ts to follow while grooming your dogs at home.

Proper nutrition plays a very important role in protecting any dog from various health issues. Just like providing good dog food and a clean environment, your puppy needs to be groomed. While a few dog owners look over the practice, they fail to understand how grooming would contribute to better health.

Dog grooming has been widely commercialized by companies. A few are infected or injured due to lack of care and experience. We would like to give you 5 basic tips for grooming your dog at home.

Disclaimer: Before you decide to do groom your dog at home, consult with your vet and confirm the types of procedures that could be performed.

What to do?

  • Make your pooch get comfortable:

If you are grooming your dog at home for the first time, make sure he/she feels safe and comfortable. Feed them with their favorite dog food or treats, do the grooming in an open/closed space according to your pup’s preferences.

  • Grooming tools:

We advise you to purchase high-quality products for grooming as your dog’s skin and coat are very sensitive. You might need brushes, combs, deodorizers, toothpaste, clippers and rollers, scissors, nail trimmers and bathing products that suits his/her skin.

  • Wash your pup:

Preparing your dog for a thorough bath would help remove dirt and unwanted material from the coat. Make sure to check the water temperature and use the right type of shampoo to clean him. Some prefer to brush their pup’s teeth too. Your dog might shed some hair so be gentle when you scrub his body. Get him completely dried before proceeding to the next step.

  • Brushing that fur:

After a bath, brush your dog completely to avoid tangles and dead hair. If you feel they are heavily tangled, you could opt for tangle remover sprays which are made especially for them. Keep in mind that long-haired and double-coated breeds would require extra attention. Check for ticks, if any, and proceed in removing them only if you are properly guided by your vet.

  • Trimming the excess hair:

Professional groomers use electric clippers to get the grooming done faster. But while grooming at home, proceed in cutting the hair only if you are well known for its usage. Else, scissors are a safer option that could be used to trim your dog’s hair. Be extra careful when you work around your dog’s pads, ears and face.

  • Wipe off the dirt from nails:

Dog’s nails are the most important part to be trimmed. It is necessary to clip his/her nails as to stop them from growing long and causing pain when scratched or rubbed onto surfaces. Usually, your pooch might not settle in one place when you try to trim his/ her nails, so skip this step if he is nervous. Instead, take them to a groomer.

What not to do?

  • Do not panic or attempt uncertainly:

If you are not sure of any methods, please refrain from proceeding further. Before you practice grooming at home, take recommendations from your vet or your groomers for tips and tricks. Do not get nervous and panic – it might frighten them too.

  • Avoid using human products:

Do not ever use any of the human bathing products like shampoos and toothpaste on your pup as they are high in chemicals. It could lead to toxic reactions. Double-check on the products if it is dog-friendly before you use it on them.

  • Don’t overdo any steps:

If you feel your dog looks dirty and uncomfortable, you do not necessarily have to clean them frequently. Too much of washing and brushing can cause injuries and soreness. Also, if your dog looks infected or injured before you start grooming, take him to vet for an examination.

  • Don’t neglect the ears:

Cleaning dog ears can be a challenge. After a bath, keep a cotton ball, ear-cleaning solution, and a towel handy. Do not use Q-tips or any materials with pointed tips as they could harm the ears. Consult with your vet or groomer for proper instructions to clean his/her ears.

  • Don’t be haste:

It takes you a couple of times to get your dog suitable for home grooming and the processes. Do not continue grooming your dog at home with any doubts or discomfort. Try to learn more about them and if you feel your dog is still nervous, choose a groomer that can perform it at home.

It is important that you groom your dogs, but becoming knowledgeable with the whole process will help your dogs to stay safe and healthy.