Can dogs eat brown rice?

Brown rice is an important source of carbohydrates for humans. They are rich in fibre and antioxidants but, can dogs eat brown rice?

The answer is yes. You can very well serve brown rice to your dogs. Your puppy can eat and digest grains and food that are sourced from plants.

Is brown rice good for dogs?

Brown rice is one of the healthiest grains that you could include in your dog’s diet. Apart from fiber, it has a high level of antioxidants, manganese, magnesium and selenium which helps in maintaining your dog’s energy and blood sugar levels.

As an ingredient, brown rice has a lot to offer. You can add it in your pup’s diet if you want to replace any other ingredient for variety. For underweight dogs, brown rice will help in gaining weight. Intestinal problems and allergies could be controlled. A bag of brown rice is economically friendly too.

Brown rice works towards efficient metabolism and supports the healthy functioning of your pup’s heart. Since it is all-natural and less processed, brown rice is very nutritious but beware of the quantity you provide your dogs.  

How often can dogs eat brown rice ?

Brown rice is a very healthy ingredient but it adds a lot of calories to your dog. Do not plan to replace your dog’s meal with brown rice. Instead, strike a balance between other ingredients and the rice. Restrict yourself from feeding your dog with brown rice 2-3 times a week. To avoid weight gain in dogs, keep the portion of brown rice lesser than other ingredients. Try to avoid low-graded rice products.

How to prepare brown rice for dogs?

Brown rice can be cooked using a steam cooker or a pot filled with water. But restrain from using any fatty ingredients like ghee, oil, or any spices because it could lead to indigestion. You can include chicken or vegetables with cooked rice and feed your dog.

If your dog has an upset stomach or diarrhoea, do not follow the usual meal plan. Give them a break and let them fast for 12-24 hours. After the fast, you can make a bowl with two parts of rice and one part of the meat to help them recover. This will soothe your dog’s gut and gradually you will be able to shift to their previous diet.

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