A dog makes our house a home. They give us unconditional love and immense joy. Is it not important to give these wonderful members of our family the best care and medical attention when they fall sick or are injured?  Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance policy helps you protect your dog’s life by providing them the best treatment while eliminating the risk of high medical expenditure.

On August 2020, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance launched its new product exclusively for domesticated dogs, becoming the first insurance company to launch a policy that covers expenses for the health of dogs.

The Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance policy has come up with this idea because when every family member holds health insurance, why not your furry member? It provides insurance coverage to pet dogs of non-pedigree, pedigree, indigenous origin, cross-bred, and exotic breeds over the lifetime of dogs from 3 months to 10 years, depending on the breed.

The policy includes six optional covers. The mandatory cover ‘Surgery Expenses and Hospitalization Cover’ takes care of treatment costs of specific diseases and surgeries or death caused by any illnesses. There is also no waiting period to cover the expenses with insurance. The policy also covers the loss or theft or straying of your pet dog as well as the legal liability of pet owners in case of any third-party bodily injury or property damage because of the pet dog.  

The best part of this insurance cover is that the premium starts from INR 315, exclusive of GST. However, it varies depending on the age, breed, size and gender of the dog. There are definitely inclusions and exclusions mentioned. The policy also requests the pet owners to submit and to perform certain tests for proof. But otherwise, it is a perfect foundation to secure your pet’s future expenses.

Now, the actual question arises? Should we get our pet an insurance plan?

Usually, in various parts of the world, pet insurances are offered with extraordinary benefits. They primarily cover costs involved in veterinarian’s fees for treatment of injury and illness and they offer payment to look after your puppy’s hospital fee. Sometimes, they also extensively cover the costs involved in any damage or illness caused by your pet to any third party.

Purchasing a pet dog insurance is essential because it could cover your unexpected costs. It could seem unnecessary but if it has beneficiary elements for the amount you invest, then why not?

But we’d list down a few things that you should keep in mind before buying a pet insurance policy:

  • Read the policy thoroughly – Try to read the policy very carefully. Sometimes, you could miss any important information related to the coverage or the inclusions. If you do not understand the terms, please do consult with an expert to clarify.
  • Be aware of what is covered through the policy and for the exclusions– They have a limit on the benefits, so have proper research before you sign up for pet dog insurance.
  • Choose the policies wisely Do not get carried away by the policy providers. Check if the services they offer are t applicable to your dog’s breed/gender/age.
  • Age of your breed – It is a very significant factor in the price of the pet dog insurance policy. The price could increase with years or it could be stagnant. Double-check with the providers on this matter.
  • Customer service is also important – Have prior conversations with people who have bought insurances from the company you’ve chosen. Check if they respond to the claims in a timely manner and look out for positive responses.