Sweet potatoes are a nutritious starchy vegetable which is seen included in fresh dog food. But is it safe? Do we have any limitations? Read more to find out!

Sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants and are high in fibre. It is safe and healthy for our dogs. It is also yummy and has a sweet taste, hence it is easier to be added with their regular dog meals.

Experts say that the health benefits of sweet potatoes are the same for canines as they are for humans. They are excellent contributors to easing digestion in dogs. Including sweet potato often will provide the required amount of fibre, which could lower the risk of certain types of cancer. It is also proven to prevent factors leading to heart diseases. They come in different colors other than the regular orange but the the Japanese sweet potatoes with purple skin are most popular among dogs. They are rich in phytonutrients and has a balanced amount of protein that is required for dogs.    

Sweet potatoes are very filling and are helpful in preventing obesity in dogs. In fact, they are high in potassium which balances the body fluid and blood pressure. Sweet Potatoes also consist of a  good source of minerals and vitamins like Vitamin A, B6, C and Calcium. They are necessary for maintaining your puppy’s health.

Consult with your veterinarian to know about the quantity that must be fed. Sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index so if your dog has a diabetic history, please ensure if they can be included in their diet. The best way to start including sweet potatoes in your dog’s meal is to feed him with a small amount.

You can steam or boil these potatoes to retain the nutritional value. Baking them or feeding dehydrated sweet potatoes as treats is also a good option. Do not feed them raw as they could build up toxicity ans cause problems with digestion. Avoid skins from the meal before giving it to the dogs too.

You can also use them as an healthy alternative to white potates. Do not make this starchy vegetable as your pup’s main source of nutrition because a high amount of carbohydrates is not healthy for your pup.

If you are planning to include sweet potatoes as a part of your dog’s meal, you are in the right place. At Oscar Daisy we cater as per your pup’s profile with fresh food and ingredients like sweet potatoes as a balanced meal. Check out our website to know more about our meal plans.