A fair share of dogs usually show the excitement to eat a variety of vegetables apart from meat but that pushes us to think about their safety.  

In the long run, to provide healthy food to our dogs, we have begun to include human-grade vegetables like okra in their diet. You get concerned about the right amount to use and the method of preparation. But is Okra safe for dogs? How beneficial is it? We at Oscar Daisy are here to help to clarify your doubts.  

Health Benefits of Okra: 
 Now, Okra is a flowering plant with edible seed pods and is widely used in South Asian countries. They are also known as ladies’ finger and is said to be a suitable choice for conscious eaters. But for dogs, they come with a package of goodness.  

Okra is low in calories but has a very high dietary fiber content. This fiber is water-soluble and hence helps in managing cholesterol levels and keeps the intestinal tract healthy. They also protect the heart from malfunctioning. Since it has a generous amount of Vitamin A, its adequate consumption can improve the eyesight of dogs.

With antioxidants and other vitamins, okra can regulate the immune system. Since it also has anti-diabetic properties, okra is said to be an ideal choice for diabetic dogs. The protein level of this vegetable is also efficient in producing energy for your dogs. Additionally, they act as an instant remedy for inflammations in hounds.  

In short, Okra is a safe option for your dogs. But here is the rule: every ingredient provided in moderation promotes wellness.  

Harmful effects of Okra: 

 Okra can fill the required nutrient content but it cannot replace other nutrients for a dog in the meal. Some owners feed their dogs with raw okra and it is advisable to keep the nutritional value intact. Make sure to avoid giving raw okras if your dog does not like the gooey taste.

Too much intake of the vegetable could lead to gastric trouble and could upset their stomach. He could vomit or bloat due to the taste, keep a watch on these signals. Filling up on human food at an unproportionate level could lead to weight gain in dogs too.  

The Dos and Don’ts for feeding your dog with okra:  

While raw okras are suggested, you can give a very little amount of pickled okra. It is to prevent unnecessary stress on their delicate digestive organs. Avoiding salt and heavily buttered okra will add benefits to your dog’s health. Do not fry the vegetable for dog meals. They are terrible for your dog and it loses all of its healthy components.

You can mix okra in their regular food or cook at the right temperature to retain the benefits. Avoid all of the flavoring ingredients.  

If you are feeding your puppy with okra for the first time, start to give it little by little and monitor his reactions to it. If he is showing allergic symptoms or refuses to eat, stop with the process. And keep in mind that vegetables can only constitute 10% of a dog’s meal.