The emerging trend of dog food plans and new products in the markets has changed the perspectives of the dog parents. They are more particular in making the right choices for their dogs more than ever.  

In that case, a majority of dog owners are inclining towards dry dog food products. Studies reveal that these products are easier to access, have a longer shelf life and very convenient. They are also cheap and comes in good quantity. 

For dogs to survive with good health, they must be provided with species-appropriate nutrition. Some dry dog food products claim to provide the necessary health benefits for your pooch. But, are you aware of the ingredients that are included in dry dog foods? Do you know about the disadvantages? Will your dog benefit from this product?  

We, Oscar Daisy have listed 5 reasons as to why Dry Dog Food must not be fed to your furry friends.  


Dogs need sufficient water to regulate their body functioning. They can be deprived of food for a while but dogs cannot survive without water. Dehydration in dogs is one of the most dangerous situations. 

Dry dog food, as the name suggests, do not contain moisture. They are low in water or any liquid content, making it fit for longer shelf life. But this sole reason can disrupt your dog’s organs. Without moisture, the food is very dry and brittle for them to chew or swallow.  

Consuming dry dog food will not make the digestive process easier. There is no hydration produced from the food, making it unfit for boosting energy. This forces dog into a state of dehydration. There could be symptoms like loss of appetite, panting, dry nose, loss of energy and skin elasticity.  

Highly Preserved Ingredients: 

Dry dog foods come in fancy packaging and from various parts of the world. They have many flavours and varieties. But the truth is that their ingredients do not carry their nutrients. Since the goal of these products is to provide easily accessible food for dogs, the companies prepare the food under high temperatures. Many flavouring techniques and artificial substances are used in the recipes. They are toxic to your dogs and cause various allergies. Many manufacturers claim to not use preservatives however do not believe them blindly.  

Another shocking ingredient used in preparing dry dog food is sensory additives. To lure the dog to eat the food that is deprived of meat and nutrients, sensory additives are added in a high quantity. This stimulates their interest to eat the kibble and creates a positive effect among dog parents. Manufacturers follow this process to attract more consumers and make a profit. What we do not realize is that dogs can experience many health defects if they are exposed to these chemical substances. If you find any food product that claims to be ‘free of preservatives’, ensure to check for other additional chemicals. Please refrain from purchasing it for the longevity of your dogs.  

Presence of more grains and carbohydrates: 

Dry dog foods mostly carry grains or cereals as their base ingredient. It is because they are filling, cheap and provides more quantity than meat. They are filled with components that add up levels of carbohydrates and fibre.  

As dog parents, we overlook the fact that dogs can only intake smaller amounts of grains and carbs. We go against their nutritional chart as we feed these products. With no proteins or desired vitamins and minerals, kibble is provided to pooches as meals. Sometimes even grain-free food compensates the loss of grain content by adding more carbohydrates. Do you think these food products can satisfy your dog’s nutritional requirements? 

If the dry food products are fed for a long time to your puppies, they could experience many issues in indigestion and excretion. Since their gastrointestinal system (GI) cannot cut down food without proper nutritional content, it leads to strain on the dog’s organs. 

High exposure to infections: 

Dogs are naturally prone to many types of microbes like bacteria and salmonella, mites, mould and so on. With increased feeding of dry dog food, they develop a poor immune system which leads to infections. Mites and bacteria can rapidly multiply in these products too. If these microbes stay inside the dog’s bodies, they can cause high blood pressure and increase their body temperature. Although dogs can digest these and excrete them out of their bodies, it can slightly cause discomfort to them. It is probably for the best to avoid such food products to safeguard your dog’s health. 

Deterioration of physical health: 

Dogs’ oral health is a sensitive topic. No matter how hard we try to maintain good care, dogs tend to lick and chew on substances that can cause infections and allergies. Apart from this, dry dog food can cause damage to teeth and their gums. It is because when the dry food enters the system without moisture, the stomach releases more concentrated acids. This in turn increases the pH level in dog’s saliva, hence leading to tartar formation and other issues. It is not restricted only to dry food. Even sugary or salty content can cause discomfort and lead to unpleasant situations for dogs.  

Dogs which regularly consume dry food can also appear to be obese or have GI problems in the long run. As we said earlier, grains and carbohydrates in huge levels are converted into sugar by your dog’s stomach. They are deprived of other proteins and nutrients, which brings the overall energy to a low point. With this increase of sugar levels, if you ask your dog to do exercises or move around, he/she might find it difficult to sustain for a long time. To avoid this, you have to ensure in providing quality dog food.  

So, what can I do? 

The reasons listed above are only a few from many. Dry dog food products thrive in the market because of their time and money consuming feature. Also, they come in various flavours hence it looks interesting for dogs too. But now that you have come across so many disadvantages of choosing dry dog food, make your choice.  

Alternatives to this dry processed food would be fresh, natural, human-grade food . You can provide freshly cooked balanced dog food as per their individual needs. Always keep in mind that ingredients do matter the most. The processes and the nutrition are also to be noted while you purchase the food for your pup.

We at Oscar Daisy offer a wide range of recipes and diet plans that includes healthy addition of human-grade ingredients to maintain your dog’s system. Our nutritional food does not include any artificial preservatives or additives and is 100% home-cooked.  

We make sure to provide food that are easy-to-carry but also nutritious. To serve as snacks, we have specially made dog treats with natural components. They are also a great source of healthy factors. To know more about the food plans, subscribe to our plans us or click here.  

Before opting to any food plan, please make sure you consult with your dog nutritionist or veterinarian and make the best choice. After all, a healthy dog constitutes a happy living.