Summer is coming soon. Swimming is the perfect summer activity for almost everyone. What better way to beat the heat than taking a dip in the cold waters? Some pet parents also prefer to take their dogs to swim with them.

Though the majority of dogs enjoy spending time inside the cool water pool, their safety is still a worry for the parents. Humans have easily adapted to stay inside the chlorine mixed water while we swim. But is chlorine safe for dogs?

Public and private swimming pools use chlorine or bromine to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria and microorganisms. The right amount of these chemical compounds can kill smaller organisms. Luckily, they are not harmful to humans and dogs.

When the pool owners fail to properly sanitise the swimming pools by adding more or less amount of chlorine, it can have negative effects on us. For humans, it could cause skin problems, while the risks for dogs are high if the water enters the sensitive organs like ears and eyes.

If the eyes look red or if they cough profusely, remove them from the pool immediately. Help your dog dry him/ her well and check for symptoms of allergies. It is ok if your dog has consumed pool water, it is alright but this directly relies on the chlorine used.

If your pooch vomits or pees inside the pool, please take them out of the water and do not use that water again. Make sure to clean the pool properly for your next use.

The duration of the dogs inside the pool should be also checked. Too much exposure to chlorinated water can lead to skin irritation. You can prevent this if you properly rinse your dogs after the session.


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Despite the risks, some veterinarians suggest that swimming pools are safer than freshwater bodies like beaches due to the bacterial content. The recommended level of chlorine in pools is 1-3 milligrams per liter for both humans and pooches. So, before you get into the water with your pets, check for the stats to avoid complications.

Swimming pools are a great place for dogs to rejuvenate, exercise, and play for dogs. You can get into the water along with your furry friends but always monitor their actions. Teach them how to exit the pools or how to navigate inside the water.

As long as you follow the protocols, you do not have to worry about their safety. This summer, beat off the heat with your puppy in the best way possible!