If you are a dog pawent then you definitely will not have a tee without some hair sticking to it! Not just your clothes but everything else in your wardrobe and your house.

Dog hair shedding is a frustrating problem for owners to handle. It is a healthy process like how humans lose dead skin and hair regularly. But still, there are some dog breeds that shed hair throughout the year.

Many factors can cause your dog’s hair to shed. It can range from climate changes, health factors, and exposure to many conditions. It can also depend on the type of breed that you choose. Sometimes, a dog’s fur can fall out abnormally. What do you do then? How to deal with dog hair shedding?

Oscar Daisy suggests 5 easy ways to manage and minimize dog hair shedding.

Make brushing an everyday habit:

Experts say that brushing your dog’s coat every day could help in controlling hair shedding. Brushing their fur will help you detangle hair and removes the dead, broken hair. You need to be careful about the choice of brush which completely depends upon the thickness of the dog’s coat. Coarser hair may require stiff brushes while curly hair can be combed with fine bristled brushes.

Bathing can be included in the routine:

Although many pets dislike baths, it is an easier way to remove excess fur and dead skin. Proper bathing will help improve blood circulation in the skin vessels and boost hair growth. You can choose from a variety of dog shampoos to cater to their hair needs. Bathing is a very effective method to not just remove dirt but to reduce shedding. Also, you can brush after your dog dries to clear the loosened hair.

Give your dog a grooming session:

Dogs require proper grooming services just like us to maintain their coat and skin. Apart from brushing and bathing, you can clean your puppy’s ears and paws to avoid bacteria build-up. You can do this before or while giving a bath to the dog. Go for shredding tools (clinically and vet-approved) or use brushes to remove tangles and excess hair. If the hair looks longer, you can also trim/clip your pooch’s hair with the help of a groomer. Or, click here to know how to groom your dog at home.

Always feed your dog with good quality food:

Apart from external care, it is necessary to keep a check on what your dog consumes. Provide them with fresh and clean water. Also, a good bowl of food filled with required nutrients can stop a dog from shedding. The key importance is the amount and quality of ingredients that are used in dog food. Wholesome food can balance the health requirements, hence keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. Supplements can also be provided along with meals, with the approval of your veterinarian to nourish skin health.

We at Oscar Daisy offer a wide range of recipes and diet plans that includes the addition of human-grade ingredients to maintain your dog’s health. Our nutritional food does not include any artificial preservatives or additives and is 100% fresh. Our specially made dog treats are also a great source of nutrients for dogs.

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Control the ticks and fleas:

Dogs’ skin can suffer from many diseases and infections that are not visible to naked eyes. They can acquire yeast infection, dandruff, allergies, and rashes. Thoroughly check for infections once every week to keep these issues at bay. Another major problem is the infestation of fleas and ticks. It leads to excessive scratching. You can clean their coat by removing the ticks or take him to the veterinarian for proper treatment.

As dog parents, ensure to check on their emotional well-being also. Stress and anxiety, restlessness and inadequate sleep can also cause shedding of hair. Keep your furry friend active and free from discomfort. Take your pooch to the veterinarian if you find him profusely losing the fur.