The purchasing trend of dog treats has increased in the pet food market since 2019. Apart from providing quality dog food, pet parents are keen on purchasing healthy treats for their pooches.  

Surely, no parent has not made treats a part of their dog’s diet. Many spoil their dogs with treats as an act of showering love, and during behavioral training, they use it to reward their pooches. But what are dog treats  and is it necessary? 

According to PetFoodCare, dog treats are usually dietary supplements that are based on biscuit ingredients and are not a replacement for dog food.  

With the rise in commercial availability of dog treats, treat feeding has become a common practice among the owners. A few prefer to offer treats to their dogs along with medicines and sometimes, to clean their dog’s teeth. It is also said that providing the dog some chews will keep them occupied.

Choosing dog treats are very important like how you buy the best dog food. With the rising demand for organic and fresh dog food, there are many brands that aim at producing natural and healthy dog treats. Some chews are specially made to maintain the oral hygiene of your dog. And, there are a variety of treats that could boost your pooch’s immunity. 

Like every other dog food in the market, a packet of treats could have ingredients that are bad for your pup’s health. Analyze the product’s label to identify the harmful ingredients.  

Oscar Daisy offers healthy and refreshing treats for purchase, which are baked with fresh ingredients specially formulated for your puppy’s well-being. Oscar Daisy treats are made fresh on orders, to avoid the mixtures of preservatives and additives. The flavors vary from Beet Banana to Peanut Butter Pumpkin. The treats are also inclusive of natural herbs, making it the healthiest choice that you can feed your furry friend! Check here to know more.

The market provides you variations in dog treats like meat-based and fruit-based treats. They also have vegetarian dog treats. Make sure to avoid treats made with a large number of artificial preservatives, salt and sugar, colors, propylene glycol, and vegetable oil.  

Another thing to keep in mind is the number of treats that you provide in a day. Follow the feeding guidelines given with the product or consult with your vet to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Please refrain from feeding human snacks to your dog as they can induce toxic reactions to their body.  

You need to be aware of when and how to use treats with your dog. As much as ingredients play a huge role in their health, make sure you store the treats and chews covered and moist-free. As a dog parent, always remember that the best treats are not the ones that are just tasty but also must support their health.

Our dogs are always happy to munch something tasty and crunchy. Treats can be something fun for dogs to eat and it gives them something to chew on for hours. Dog treats are more like your dog’s pay check. It’s the best way to reward your pooches for their good behavior.

The treats that you provide your puppies should have a great source of nutrition and boost their energy levels. Vitamins are also an integral part of the snacks. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian treats are available for your pooches.

As much as your dog loves treats, it is important that you choose the right ones to balance their nutrition. Treats can help you to make their monotonous diets, tastier and more exciting.

But it is important to understand the following things before choosing the right dog treat:

  • Like every other dog food in the market, a packet of dog treats can contain ingredients that are bad for their health. Feeding them with commercial dog treats is highly dangerous as they have excess sugar, coloring, salt, fat and preservatives. So, while making a purchase, it is important to analyze the product’s nutritional label to identify the harmful ingredients.
  • Also, feeding them with excessive treats with less exercise or no balanced diet is a problem. The presence of excess sweeteners can easily lead to your dog’s weight gain and obesity. It can affect your pooch’s oral hygiene by increasing the levels of pH in their mouths, which could have a toll on their overall health.  

All these dangerous flaws make it a difficult task for dog parents to choose the right, healthy treats for their pooches.

But what if we said that we have a solution? A Healthier, Tastier and Fresh treat option for your doggies!!

Yes! Oscar Daisy has a range of freshly baked and home-made treats specially formulated to refresh your dog’s health and mind.

What do we strictly stand for?

Introducing to you our zero preservative treats, we aim to transform and redesign your dog’s food while catering to their nutritional needs with the healthiest options. We use fresh, natural, human-grade and wholesome ingredients to cater to your dog’s health and their taste. Our treats are also baked with natural herbs, making it the most delicious and healthiest choice for your puppies.

The goodness of the ingredients like garbanzo, natural herbs and spices, coconut oil and flax seeds boosts your pup’s energy as he/she feeds on it in proper quantities. We are also 100% gluten-free. Our dog treats will not add to weight gain, instead, can regulate your dog’s conditions. To balance the loss of sugar, our low- fat core ingredients are consciously added in adequate quantity.

In consultation with International World Integrative Vet and Canine Nutritionist after analyzing the concerns of pet parents towards these products, we have launched 4 varieties of yummy and healthy dog treats. Check them out here to pre-order your healthy dog treats.

Beet Banana:

Our Beet Banana dog treat is a packet of healthy, deliciously baked combination of red beetroot and bananas as the core ingredients. The high potassium and vitamins in bananas can act as a healthy alternative to unhealthy dog treats. It also promotes the production of protein and magnesium in your pup’s body. We have paired it up with red beetroot, which is a great source of nutrients and high fiber content, as well. You can feed your pooches with right amount of our Beet Banana treats to help regulate their gastrointestinal system. Also present are healthy components like ragi, garbanzo and flax seeds; promoting your dog’s immunity. As mentioned in our label, we have ashwagandha, a natural indigenous herb to relieve your dog from stress and anxiety.

Carrot Papaya:

Our crunchy Carrot Papaya dog treats are specially formulated to enhance your pooch’s skin health! Carrots are low in calories but have high vitamin content and are rich in beta-carotene. They can help improve your dog’s optical and dental health. On the other hand, papaya is a goodness filled with vitamins, minerals and healthy fat levels. Combined with carrots, papaya can provide high levels of energy to your dog for a long period. With the inclusion of pearl millet, garbanzo and flax seeds, the nutritional value of our homemade dog treats is balanced. Our special ingredient, moringa is the best natural source for essential anti-oxidants and increases your dog’s performance.

Oats Pumpkin:

A plethora of nutrients can be obtained from this thrilling combination of Oats and pumpkin. While oats can provide the required amount of fibre and antioxidants, pumpkins can neutralise the vitamins and minerals. Together, Oats Pumpkin healthy dog treats can encourage better digestive system, blood flow, heart functioning and the list extends to more benefits. The presence of iron in pumpkin can boost the haemoglobin levels in dogs. With foxtail millet, garbanzo and chia seeds, we aim to provide the necessary fatty acids and to improve overall body functions. Cinnamon, the most common spice, is added to our crunchy and fresh treats to regulate insulin levels and body weight.

Pumpkin Bakes:

Pumpkin has a long list of benefits for your dogs. Our Pumpkin Bakes at Oscar Daisy, are curated carefully without extracting its nutritional values. From weight loss, regulation of good immune health, eyesight to the digestive system – pumpkin can act a superior role for dogs. Pumpkin Bakes are highly recommended for dogs who suffer from chronic dehydration as pumpkin can regulate the water content in their diet. Apart from this, garbanzo and coconut oil ensure to provide the necessary fat for maintaining good bone and skin health. Our special ingredient – turmeric, can prove to be the best protector against inflammatory diseases and joint conditions. It can also fight against diseases like cancer, liver issues, diabetes and arthritis in dogs.

What makes us stand out in the market?

Oscar Daisy is proud to offer the one-of-a-kind service to you.Our treats are not readily prepared. Instead our treats are made to order. You can pre-order our treats during the provided time every month and once we close the booking window, our team works to prepare top-grade freshly baked healthy treats for your pooches. Within the informed delivery schedule, you will receive your healthy, gluten-free and nutritious dog treats directly at your doorstep.

We follow the policy of preparing fresh goods to avoid stocking. We all do understand that shelved dog treats are unhealthy and they are stripped out of all the valuable nutritional qualities. We genuinely want the best products for your pets. So, we carefully make your pet’s treats in batches with the perfect blend of health and taste.

How do I place for an order?

Visit the Oscar Daisy site or click here to check our products and their benefits and place your orders.

We only accept pre-orders within the provided booking time. Once you have placed the order, you will be contacted with the details of the delivery. Within days, expect our pack of healthy treats at your doorstep for your excited pups!

Pre-book treats for your pooches here!