Beetroot is well known as a great source of nutrients for humans. Similarly, can dogs eat beets? Is beetroot safe for our dogs too? Yes, the health benefits of beetroot for dogs are numerous. Beetroot has plenty of nutrients that improve not just their health but also their skin and coat.

Beetroot, also known as red beet is a root vegetable that is widely consumed by Indians regularly. The health benefits of beets for dogs are several. The vegetable is goodness packed with minerals, vitamins, potassium, and manganese, which can boost your pup’s health and wellness. For the longest time beetroot has been used in the supplements and antioxidants prepared for our dogs.

Here is our list of 5 reasons why beetroot fits perfectly in your dog’s diet.

1) High in Fiber:

Red beet is loved for its high fibre content. Dogs with intestinal disorders can try beetroot to regulate the functions. Beets also help by improving digestion in dogs and absorbing nutrients. They offer the best cure for diarrhea or constipation. So, the next time your dog feels uneasy to excrete, you can include a small amount of beetroot to ease the pain.

2) Regulates the functioning of systems in the body:

Since beetroot is rich in vitamins and minerals like sodium, magnesium and potassium, it helps you keep your puppy healthy. Muscular and nervous systems and other neurological functions are regulated with the consumption of red beets. Also, this vegetable is rich in folic acid, which helps to form red blood cells in dogs. The vitamins present in the pulp can ensure healthy vision and skin for your pooches. Serve the beets cooked and mashed or simply shred it as a topping to your pooch’s meal.

3) Acts as a powerhouse:

Red beet is one of the ingredients that can act as a nutritional powerhouse for dogs as long as served in proper quantity. Adding this vegetable in its fresh form to your dog’s meal is the best way to feed them beets. You can serve beetroot raw or boiled to make the most out of their benefits. But make sure to never feed your dogs canned beetroot, since it is filled with preservatives.

4) Fights against certain diseases: of the important benefits of beetroot for dogs is the disease-fighting polyphenols present in them. This antioxidant with deep red color can produce anti-cancer agents and increase the oxygen level in the cells. Beet pulp also helps to moderate your dog’s blood pressure and regulate the cardiovascular system. You can also include beetroot in your dog’s food to improve their immune system functions.

5) Detoxifies the body:

Red beet contains natural detoxifiers that work towards relieving and preventing itchiness in dogs. They can also act as blood cleansers. Dogs can also slowly recover from their inflammatory conditions with proper consumption of red beets.

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Disclaimer: The above-made statements are suggestions and facts. Do not proceed with feeding any ingredients to your dogs without proper consultation with your veterinarian.