The one favorite thing for your pooch besides delicious dog food is playing. A daily dose of exercise will keep him healthy and happy. Lack of movements and laziness would make your dog lose its energy and in turn, worsen his/her health. Obesity, depression, acting rough, and becoming loud are some of the ways that the dogs convey their discomfort. Be it summer or winter, it is still important for them to take strolls and do fitness activities.

But what to do if our schedules and climate do not cooperate with your timing? Try out these simple 5 exercises indoors to keep both of you energized.

Run & Fetch

No matter how old is your pooch, he/she will always be eager to pick up or fetch their favorite toys and balls from a distance. If you have enough space at home, encourage your dog to pick the item off the ground for a reward or gestures. It is highly advised for you to use a soft material to prevent from damages. This helps in reactivating their muscles and energy.

Tug of War

If your dog usually plays along with the game of tug, try doing inside your home. Gear up with a durable toy or dog rope and choose a spacious area. Before your start, make sure he listens to your commands. Now give him the material to hold between his mouth. Gently pull and do not shake the rope harder. This game would act as a perfect workout for his neck, jaws and legs.

Hide & Seek

For this game, you can either hide and call out his name; or hide his favorite treats around the home. With your pooch watching you, toss the bits of the treat and command him to find it. This method will make him use his sense organs better. When he finds you while you are hiding, treat him in small quantity. This activity will make him tired, so provide him with fresh & nutritious dog food for increased stamina and energy and ensure he has access to clean water.

The ‘STAIRS’ Workout

This is one of the easiest exercises for your pup. If you have stairs that can be climbed easily by him, cheer him to climb it. If he has not done before, it is simple to train. If he finds it hard, go on top of the stairs and throw his favorite toy down. He will automatically fetch it. It is a great cardio exercise, and helps his leg muscles too. Make sure he is fit to run up and down.

Obstacle Game

If your pup likes challenges and tricky paths, you must do this activity. With your regular home items like towels, chairs, tables, cushions and pillows, you can easily create a chain of obstacles for him to cross. Try to arrange it in a way he can either jump, to make it interesting. You might need a good amount of space and preparation, but if your dog enjoys why not try it! Use healthy treats as rewards to encourage him.

After his exercise routine, you could give him a short massage session to relax his muscles. Proceed only if you have proper knowledge about it. Exercise along with proper nutrition is vital for your pooch’s long and healthy life. It’s not a choice. Interestingly, playing with your dog also improves your own physical health! Double benefits…