When you have a dog at home, it is not always possible to keep our food away from their reach. Dogs tend to sniff and try out any edible piece that is available to them including fresh fruits to harmful chemical-based products.  

As a dog parent, are you aware of what you must not be fed to your furry friends? Oscar Daisy lists out the top 10 human food toxic to dogs. 

Apple Seeds: 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, is not quoted for humans alone. The fruit is a healthy snack for dogs as well. However, it contains a very harmful chemical component that releases cyanide when it is digested. The toxins enter the bloodstream and damage the functioning of the systems. Beware of the apple seeds while you feed yourself and the dogs with the fruit.  


Avocado is a very popular fruit among fitness freaks. Humans have added it to almost every meal. Well, they contain a natural substance called Persin, which is very harmful to our puppies. Persin can be found in its leaves, fruit and the seed hence making it unfit for dog’s consumption. If in case your dog eats avocado, he/she could vomit, suffer from diarrhoea and abdominal discomfort.

Citrus Fruits:

While many dogs enjoy the slight flavor of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, it is suggested by experts to avoid this. The major health issue would be gastrointestinal disorders. The reactions depend on how much he/she consumed and his sensitivity to the strong essence. The essential oils present in the fruits can show toxic effects. So make sure to feed them in less quantity. 


Not all your favorites are always pet-friendly. To be precise, chocolate and cocoa products can build toxicity in the dog’s system. The component called theobromine makes it hard for puppies to digest and leads to seizures, internal bleeding, or even heart attack. The most dangerous type is dark chocolate hence avoid feeding cocoa products to your pooches.

Cooked Bones: 

Bones have various benefits for dogs. It helps in exercising their jaws and keep their teeth clean. Still, there is a common mistake made by many dog parents. Cooked bones can never be fed to doggies. No matter if they are baked, steamed, boiled, or fried – it can dissolve the nutrients and make the bones very brittle. They splinter into pieces when chewed and could lead to choking and swallowing. Dogs can experience severe issues if the fragments get stuck inside. But it is ok to offer raw or uncooked bones to your hounds.

Garlic and Onion: 

The best tastemakers of any human food are undoubtedly garlic and onion. They can be beneficial to us, but they are toxic for dogs. The chemical formulae present in the vegetables can damage hemoglobin levels and leads to organ damage. Some dogs have reported having digestive issues too. Large amounts of garlic and onions in any form must be avoided.  

Grapes and Raisins: 

Grapes and raisins are a huge no for dog consumption. It includes all colors of grapes, types, and varieties. The components of these fruits can severely damage kidneys and liver damage. The cause of toxicity is not accurately found but we advise you to never feed your dogs with these fruits.

Raw Meat:  

Although raw diets and meat are popular these days, it poses many health risks. Since dogs are domesticated pets, they cannot digest uncooked meat. Also, the flesh could still carry bacteria and parasites that harm your pooch’s body. That is why we recommend cooked meat to kill the microbes and avoid health issues. You can feed your dogs with uncooked, fresh meat but it could be risky.  

Salt and Sugar:  

Salt and Sugar are the two main components that cannot be excluded from dog meals. Still, it is our responsibility to maintain the right levels of salt and sugar for them. Too much salt can lead to sodium ion poisoning, vomiting, depression, and a high amount of sugar can lead to diabetes and obesity. It is not possible to completely remove the sugar content but make sure that you do not give large dosages to your pups. 


Yeast in its raw form is a most dangerous ingredient for pooches. If you have any dry yeast or yeast included dough left somewhere at home, please keep it away from your dog. If he/she consumes yeast, it will expand and rise in the stomach, rupturing their tissues and causes discomfort. It could lead to yeast poising. Sometimes, it can ferment and escalate to alcohol poisoning. Hence, ensure to never feed your dog with food that has heavy yeast content.  

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If your dog has consumed any of these above-mentioned food items in any amount, do check for symptoms and contact your veterinarian. Always stay informed and alert before choosing to feed your dog something new.