The purchasing trend of dog treats has increased in the pet food market since 2019. Apart from providing quality dog food, pet parents are keen on purchasing healthy treats for their pooches.  

Surely, no parent has not made treats a part of their dog’s diet. Many spoil their dogs with treats as an act of showering love, and during behavioral training, they use it to reward their pooches. But what are dog treats  and is it necessary? 

According to PetFoodCare, dog treats are usually dietary supplements that are based on biscuit ingredients and are not a replacement for dog food.  

With the rise in commercial availability of dog treats, treat feeding has become a common practice among the owners. A few prefer to offer treats to their dogs along with medicines and sometimes, to clean their dog’s teeth. It is also said that providing the dog some chews will keep them occupied.

Choosing dog treats are very important like how you buy the best dog food. With the rising demand for organic and fresh dog food, there are many brands that aim at producing natural and healthy dog treats. Some chews are specially made to maintain the oral hygiene of your dog. And, there are a variety of treats that could boost your pooch’s immunity. 

Like every other dog food in the market, a packet of treats could have ingredients that are bad for your pup’s health. Analyze the product’s label to identify the harmful ingredients.  

Oscar Daisy offers healthy and refreshing treats for purchase, which are baked with fresh ingredients specially formulated for your puppy’s well-being. Oscar Daisy treats are made fresh on orders, to avoid the mixtures of preservatives and additives. The flavors vary from Beet Banana to Peanut Butter Pumpkin. The treats are also inclusive of natural herbs, making it the healthiest choice that you can feed your furry friend! Check here to know more.

The market provides you variations in dog treats like meat-based and fruit-based treats. They also have vegetarian dog treats. Make sure to avoid treats made with a large number of artificial preservatives, salt and sugar, colors, propylene glycol, and vegetable oil.  

Another thing to keep in mind is the number of treats that you provide in a day. Follow the feeding guidelines given with the product or consult with your vet to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Please refrain from feeding human snacks to your dog as they can induce toxic reactions to their body.  

You need to be aware of when and how to use treats with your dog. As much as ingredients play a huge role in their health, make sure you store the treats and chews covered and moist-free. As a dog parent, always remember that the best treats are not the ones that are just tasty but also must support their health.