Fireworks is a predominant action to celebrate Diwali for humans, but it isn’t a pleasant experience for dogs. They tend to feel discomfort with explosions and light. It could also lead to injuries. To avoid this, many pet parents tend to leave their dogs at animal shelters for safety. 

Usually, if your dog is scared, they run off from the location or found lost the next day. They could also develop anxiety and stress. Dogs gauge the home environment unsafe and this triggers them to leave the place. While they run off chances of getting burns and accidents are high. They could experience issues with breathing due to the smoke.

How can you take care of your furry friends and relax during the occasions? 

Oscar Daisy offers you a list of tips to help not only your distressed pets but also the stray dogs safe during the festival of lights or at any events involving fireworks.

1. Create a safe space for the pup: 

When the fireworks begin, your dogs will look for a place to hide. Anxiousness will push them to act swiftly. Hence, provide easy access to a safe place for a retreat at home. Choose for a quiet enclosed area. You could also keep a crate ready. This will help you prevent your dog from running away.

2. Check for your pet’s collar and microchip:

If your dog runs away out of fear of the noises, the collars and microchips will be of great help. Ensure that they are up to date and properly fitting. You can add a name tag with the phone number for easier identification for anyone who finds your pet.

3. Provide enough exercise during the daytime:

Take your dog for a long walk before the event or make them do exercises. You can also try extending their playtime to keep them more tired. If they feel sleepy, it could help them to be calm during the firework displays. By releasing its energy, your dog will also have lesser anxiety.  

4. Feed him with a heavy meal:

Before the celebrations begin, you can serve a big meal for your dogs. This will help them stay relaxed and lazy sometimes. Also, provide a lot of water for hydration. You can keep a bowl of water in the safe zone for their easy access.

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5. Provide distractions while you are away:

Dogs get very distressed and distracted when they hear blaring noises. Try to keep them focused with their favorite toys and tasty cum healthy treats. You can leave it near the crate and instruct them beforehand. You can also leave the curtains down and keep a first aid kit ready for emergencies.

6. Try sound therapy or desensitize your dogs:

When the fireworks begin, you can switch on the television or radio to overlap with the noise. You can also play good music to calm your dogs. Let it be on from an hour before the event to familiarize it. Make sure that it is loud enough to blur the outside chaos.

Many dogs can get comfortable with strange noises and visuals if they are gradually exposed to it for a while. Put on the sounds of firecrackers during playtime to associate with the surrounding. Take it slow.

7. Store your fireworks away from the dog’s reach:

Dogs tend to sniff chemicals and they chew on the materials. Before and after Diwali, make sure to store your used and unused firecrackers out of their reach. Do not keep it in an accessible place. Try to not get your puppy in contact with burnt-out crackers on the pathway or roads. Clean up the area after celebrations.

You could also ask your veterinarian for medicines to have a calm experience. If you wish to see your dog socialize with your guests throughout celebrations, approach an animal behavior expert for professional help. Mostly, we suggest you either check up on your dogs in between or stay at home. Keep them by your side if you prefer to be with your furry friends.