As pet parents, we strive to provide the best care for our dogs and provide them with healthy and quality dog food. But the fear of our dogs falling sick is something that is inevitable. To keep them safe we are listing out seven common dog diseases, symptoms, and the measures that could be taken to control them.

1.Ear Infection:

Ear infection is one of the most common dog diseases especially for the ones with floppy and pendulous ears. It occurs mostly due to allergies in dog food, ear mites, wax build-up, and hair growth deep inside its ear canal. If you find your dog scratching its ears often, or any dark discharge from the ear canal, take them right away to the veterinarian for an examination. Do not try to treat the infections at home.

2.Diarrhea and Vomiting:

One of the recurring sickness in dogs is diarrhea. It is sometimes accompanied with vomiting or lack of appetite. Like humans, dogs also have difficulty in digestion. There are many possible reasons like intestinal infection and parasites attacking their digestive organs.

One of the primary reason for the cause is intake of processed dog foods which most dogs consume. Symptoms could be blood in the vomit, fever, dark or bloody stools and excessive drooling with nausea. Take your pooch to your vet sooner will help you diagnose the actual problem. Make sure you provide fresh, clean drinking water to avoid dehydration. Switching to fresh and natural, human-grade diet without preservatives is a long term solution which will help them to have a host of benefits including better digestion.

3.Skin Infection:

If your dog’s skin and coat look crusty or bears black/white spots unlike smooth and clean then it’s time to take him for an examination. Dogs scratch themselves on a daily basis but if it is incessant it could most likely because of food allergies. Bacteria and yeast infections can also be a cause for the condition. Your canine could also develop hot spots and flea allergy. Talk to the doctor to know suitable skin products for your pooch. Making changes in your pet’s diet with fresh, balanced food will keep the skin infections in check.

4.Dental Illness:

Dogs tend to rarely show signs of dental pain. They are prone to gum diseases and tooth fractures. An increase of plaque in their mouth eventually leads to bacteria growth which in turn destroys tissues and bones. Your pet may experience severe discomfort but still would look normal. However lookout for these symptoms once in a while to protect their dental health – bleeding gums, loose teeth, bloody saliva, bad breath, difficulty in picking up food, and dribbling. You could keep infections at bay by cleaning his teeth every day and providing good quality dog food with no preservatives would help in the long run.


Obesity is very common among Indian dogs and most of the dogs are overweight. Unfortunately, pet parents don’t realize that their pet is on the higher side of the weight chart. A major reason for pets being overweight and obese is the highly processed food being given and also lack of exercise. While obesity occurs in all ages, overlooking the problem could lead to major diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and arthritis. Symptoms of canine obesity are rapid weight gain, excessive panting, intolerant to heat, and tiredness. Changing the food habits to light, fresh, human-grade food is the best remedy to maintain your dog’s weight and body score. Include regular exercises every day to ensure their weight is managed well.

6.Kennel Cough:

Dogs are prone to kennel cough as they are highly contagious. One of the most common reason is the growth of infectious bacteria and viruses in the kennels and exposure to poor ventilation. The basic symptom is forceful cough. It can also be identified with running nose, eye discharge and continuous sneezing. Your pup must be taken to vet immediately if you suspect kennel cough as they are easily transmittable. Providing a well-humidified area to stay would help prevent the infection.


Cancer is one of the most common reason of deaths in dogs, especially older ones. The warnings are very similar to how humans are identified with cancer. Keep an eye out if your abnormal swellings in his body, loss of appetite and weight loss, difficulty in urinating and defecating, abnormal bleeding and wounds that does not heal. Certain breeds like Golden Retrievers, Poodles and German Shepherd are more likely to be affected by Cancer. Early detection of symptoms helps in curing of cancer in most cases.

If you detect any unusual behavior or discomfort in your dogs, try to consult with your vet at the earliest. While the diseases are common, they tend to become incurable if left unnoticed. Be safe and cautious before it is too late.

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