Bob Barker once said that a person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life and we completely agree with it. Dogs have the magical power to make your life wholesome. The benefits of having a dog are plenty. It does not only mean you have a companion but you’ve increased your life quality.

Having a dog is a huge responsibility but it tends to have a positive effect on you. Oscar Daisy lists out the ways your dog can help you and your family, apart from the unconditional love that you receive.

Improves your physical health:

When you have dogs at home, you are expected to take complete care of them. Taking them for walks, training and playing with them and spending time with these furry friends can have a great impact on your physical health. Your body weight and stamina are maintained as you do these regularly. Apart from outdoor activities, cleaning and feeding your dogs are also a process that provides an activity to your body. Several researches have proved that dogs will ensure to keep you away from being lazy.

There are surprising health benefits of having a dog. It can make you physically active; hence you are more likely to have a healthy heart. Your Body Mass Index balances as you go on regular dog-walking sessions. Especially for young children, having a dog will keep them on toes and away from major body discomfort. In short, they are your best physical trainers.

Boosts your mental health and happiness:

When we talk about mental health, we denote the levels of stress, loneliness, restlessness, and other emotional issues. If you live by yourself or spend more time alone, you can kick out loneliness by owning a dog. They will always be waiting for you at home. Cuddling with your dogs, playing with them, or even sitting next to them lowers your blood pressure and stress levels. Many studies have also revealed that having a dog can improve your mental fitness and reduce symptoms of depression. Talking to your pet can also make you feel less lonely, thereby breaking the chain of bottled emotions.


Detects health dangers before it occurs:

Several research on pet dogs reveals that they can detect low blood sugar levels. It is possible that dogs can sense danger with the muscle tremors or the change in the dog parent’s scent, says Live Science.

Exposure of young children to dogs can also reduce the risk of developing eczema and anxiety. Also, when the owner displays a different body language or behavior, dogs can identify and warn about seizure attacks prior. Such alerts help the owners to take proper medications or contact for help.

If you can train your dogs to identify the behavior, risks, and food that you are allergic to, they will respond at the required moment. Dogs can steer you away from harmful substances, food harmful to you, and also from any threats.

Helps in building a social life:

Having a dog helps you to work on your emotional self. You tend to open up better, find solace in connecting with them; therefore it becomes slightly easier for you to interact with other people. You are more likely to connect with other dog parents and bond with them. That way, your dogs get to have some friends too. You can walk your dogs together or take them to parks. Apart from this, dogs display controlling movements when they find their parents in distress. They either comfort the person or push them to do something else for distraction. No wonder dogs are man’s best friends!

Looking after a pet is surely a tough job but when we look at the picture, we do not just give shelter to a furry friend. You evolve and grow along with your dogs in every aspect. Well, there are many more benefits of having a dog.

Share with us your life changing experiences with your pooch!