A healthy diet usually includes all the required nutrients from various sources like vegetables, meat, grains, and fruits. We often feed our dogs veggies, meat, and grains. But when it comes to fruits we get skeptical about what to feed our pooches and what not to! What fruits are good for dogs?

Just like us, dogs also love fruits. They will gain healthy vitamins from the fruits. But feeding them with non-recommended fruits can cause long-term health issues.

Dogs have a tendency to digest fruits in a different way. Their diet does not necessarily require the inclusion of fruits. If you still wish to share some of your favourites with your furry canines, make a note of this list of fruits you can feed them in their snack time:


Apples are good for dogs. They are rich in vitamins A and C, are a delicious crunchy snack. They have additional wellness of fiber and protein, so it’s a good choice. Be careful of what you feed him/her – only the skin and flesh of the apples are safe for dogs. Ensure that your dog does not come in contact with the seeds. Apple seeds contain cyanide, which can cause harmful effects to your dogs.


Bananas are high in nutrients like potassium, fibre, copper and vitamins and low in calories, which fit perfectly in a dog’s snack chart. You can either use it as a treat or feed them in the middle of the day but do not add bananas as a part of your puppy’s meals. This is because the fruit contains high sugar levels. Moderation is important.

Blackberries and Blueberries

The berries are often considered to be harmful to pooches. But honestly, fruits like blueberries and blackberries are very healthy for dogs. While the rich color of these juicy berries denotes good levels of antioxidants, they bear many benefits. Blackberries are must-have snacks for boosting immunity while blueberries can repair cells and help in fighting cancer. Although they are perfect for treat purposes, make sure you reward your dogs with a proper number of berries. If you feed too much, your puppy might get diarrhea and increased sugar levels.


Dogs with overweight can definitely consume cucumbers as they contain no fats, oil or carbohydrates and are loaded with vitamins. Since they feel very light and contain high amount of magnesium and biotin, cucumbers are great to beat your pooch’s summer heat.


A perfect fruit of Indian summer – Mangoes, can be fed to your pooch also! In fact, they are one of the dog’s favorites. Since the sweetness and juicy flavor are balanced, you can give it to them as occasional treats. Beta and alpha-carotene in mangoes also add benefits to a healthy dog life. Ensure to remove the seeds before feeding, just like for apples.


Usually, citrus fruits are avoided for dogs. According to veterinarians, it is ok to feed them the flesh of oranges. This fruit consists of vitamin C, potassium and fibre at required amount. However, your pooch might not like the strong smell of the citrus. Remove the peel and seeds before giving it to your dog. Do try it once and if the reaction is bad, do not proceed with feeding.


Pumpkins are the best source of nutrients for dogs. Rich in zinc, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, iron, fibre, vitamin A and potassium, pumpkins can be a super-efficient supplement in your dog’s diet. It aids with digestion and gastrointestinal problems. You can try feeding them with the pulp or seeds.

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This summer fruit can be consumed by dogs in adequate amount to enjoy the nutrients it offers. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Consumption of peaches in an improper measurement can increase fiber and sugar levels in the dog’s body


This pink fruit loaded with fiber and vitamin C is a perfect choice for your dog’s snacks. The berries contain enzymes that support teeth whitening too! Strawberries are a tasty option for dogs, and when fed in moderation keeps harmful effects at bay.


All of us love to eat watermelons and so do dogs! The flesh of watermelon is safe to be consumed by dogs as they are filled with vitamins and potassium. It is a very low-calorie fruit with more water content, which makes it a perfect snack for summer days. Be careful to take out the seeds before you feed them.

The above-mentioned fruits must be given to dogs only if

  • They are fresh
  • They are vet-approved for your dog
  • They are organic or at least, free of chemicals
  • They are not to be substituted for meals.

You can feed your dogs with smaller portions of fruits during the initial days. If he/she does not react well, discontinue the process. Some dogs do not prefer fruits to be eaten in raw form. Hence, try to add it to their food or use it while preparing homemade treats. Always, be careful to remove the seeds from fruits for your dogs. We do not want complications to occur so avoid all of the seeds, rind, and skin.