Aggression is a common behaviour problem encountered by pet parents with their dogs. They might tend to become uncontrollable and start to exhibit dominance. Let’s understand the causes for a dog’s aggression.

Aggression refers to a variety of behaviour in dogs at different time period. Various reasons can be attributed to aggressive behaviour. It could be stress, fear, pain or even insecurity. Your pooch would sometimes guarding his food or its place of stay as an act of marking territory. They can be triggered by any past trauma or it could be due to lack in training and socialization.

Aggressive dogs can show any or more than one of the following signs:

●Ears pinned back  
●Baring teeth 
●Continuous barking  
●Refusing to eat/behave 
●Stiff body posture 

Can we control aggression?

In reference to Dr. Karen Becker’s article on Dog aggression she says that dogs show undesirable behaviour mostly because they are not ready for sedentary lives. The lack of purpose or boredom could also be a reason behind the aggression.

We can control or regulate our puppy’s behaviour. But firstly, we must learn to identify their feelings. When your dog attempts to attack or show signs, try to understand the pattern. If we can identify it, our dogs will feel safe and in turn, it could prevent many canine aggression. Note down the number of times she gets aggressive in a day. It is definitely going to take sometime for you to make your dog calm but do not stop trying.

What can be done?

All dogs are different and might panic from many sources so try to remove them from the source of your dog’s disturbance. If you are able to foresee their aggression, act faster to prevent it.

Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose aggression. You can reach out for help to professional dog trainers or behaviorists. They can help you with creating a plan to manage the aggression. It could also be due to illness. So, talking with your vet, and identifying the required treatment could make greater improvements in your pooch’s behaviour.

Recent researches also claim that dog aggression can be controlled with proper obedience training and by making changes in the diet. Adding or removing certain nutrients from a doggy’s diet could bring a change in the canine’s behaviour.